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Prism of the Sun Hydrosol *New Formula*

Prism of the Sun Hydrosol *New Formula*


2.0 fl oz Glass Mist Sprayer
4 fl oz Glass Mist Sprayer

Formulated to evoke the spirit of being in the forest early in the morning, catching a glimpse of the sun's prism sparkling through the trees. This face toner is made in small batches with our very own wild co-distilled Spruce and Balsam Fir hydrosol.

 2oz glass bottle with fine mist sprayer



hydrating to the skin

balancing to the PH of the skin

slightly astringent


Protective and Grounding, like walking in a moss covered forest.


Prism pairs perfectly with both serums and is beneficial for sensitive and acne prone skin.

All Organic Ingredients

Wild Co-Distilled Spruce and Balsam Fir hydrosol

Suggested Ritual

Mist onto clean skin- while the skin is still dewy gently press 6 drops of serum. This mist is ascending and calming making it a great refresher on a forested trail, or need an afternoon pick me up. 

Recommended Pairings

Spraying Prism into any of our Honey based masks helps to cut down the viscosity of the honey so that it can blend into a creamy consistency

Keep a bottle tub side for an uplifting refresher for the skin.