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Our Story

For many of us, when we are stepping barefoot in a moss covered forest looking up at the trees where prisms of light sparkle through, stepping carefully onto warm river rocks as water flows, or in the mist of a cascading waterfall- the noise of our internal and external worlds softens by the sound of the wild. It is here the expectation of the outside world fades away, anchoring us into our wild hearts. 

From seed to skin, each offering is slow crafted and poured by hand.  Each one is inspired by the very places and plants that bring us to our inner landscape. Each bottle a portal to the wild beauty and magic that surrounds us, each formula created in harmony with the plants and with the intention to maintain their true essence.

The Heart Grown Wild process is deeply rooted in the slow crafted magic of traditional whole plant infused preparations and botanical hydrosols distilled in house. Subtle yet pleasing to the senses, is our specialty. While there are many products that are completely free of essential oils, those that do carry them are crafted very well below the standard 1% dilution suggested for facial care.