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Ocean Meadow Seaweed Serum
Ocean Meadow Seaweed Serum
Ocean Meadow Seaweed Serum

Ocean Meadow Seaweed Serum



A delicate wave of botanicals are infused into the Ocean Meadow serum + oil cleanser to calm and soothe the skin. This blend is comprised of jojoba and rosehip oils infused with organic Maine coast sourced bladderwack seaweed, helichrysum, our own grown rugosa roses, and formulated sustainably with resin of the forest for a full moon cycle. This formula is truly evocative of where the forest meets the sea, and extremely softening to the skin.

This serum helps to support:

Decongestion + Detoxification of the skin

Soothing and calming of redness and inflammation

Elasticity promotion

Protection and nourishment to dry irritated skin

This formula is enhanced with Seabuckthorn to assist with damaged tissue and deeply support the moisture barrier of the skin. 

This oil is essential oil free and has a resinous salt +sea in the air, lightly floral scent that is subtle yet grounding to the senses. 

1oz frosted glass bottle with white dropper top

Ingredients: Organic/Wild Maine Bladderwack Seaweed, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil,Raspberry Seed Oil, Rugosa Rose, Helichrysum, Spruce Resin, Frankincense Resin, Seabuckthorn CO2, Rosemary CO2

Suggested Ritual: Cleanse with this oil in the morning or evening depending on what your skin desires. Begin with a warm washcloth to release the day or any tension from the skin. Into clean hands, apply 1-2 droppers of the oil, rubbing the hands together before applying to the face and neck. Massage in upward, gentle circular motions for a minute or two focusing on any areas that needs extra love + attention. While you gently massage the oil close your eyes and picture the serene new england coastal landscape. Remove with a warm washcloth absolving all oil from the skin. Follow up with a mist of hydrosol and 4-8 drops of Ocean Meadows + a balm as needed. 

 Recommended product pairings: Balm of the Sea, Veil of Love Balm, Stars of the Ocean Mask, Bohemian Rose Toner, Prism of the Sun Toner, Honey of Venus Mask, Strawberry Fields Hydrosol, Veil of Venus Mask, Veil of Love Serum