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Vernal Re-Emergence Ritual- Seasonal Attunement Kit

Vernal Re-Emergence Ritual- Seasonal Attunement Kit


Gather the whole collection for a full lymphatic ritual designed to assist with re-emergence as we step into a new season. 

Begin your ritual with our lilac infused, vernal honey bath. Place the jar underneath the warm water in the tub, or before stepping into the tub, slather the honey all over your body, and then sink into the warm water once the tub is full. Allow your self to soak for at least 20 minutes. The humectant properties of the honey with the soft scent of lilacs and a slight pearlescent mica powder, help us to soften into our authentic self.

Once done, stand up in the tub, and prepare for a lymphatic scrub with our Vernal Salt. This pink himalayan sea salt lightly scented with geranium and citrus is ground down into a fine powder so that it sloughs away all that we are ready to release and let go without being too abrasive. The texture is a fine powdery consistency that can be worked in circular motions right over slightly damp skin.

Next get ready for a circulatory shower. Begin with warm water to rinse away the salt, allowing the things we are letting go off slowly release. As you are held underneath the warm water, think of the stories that play in your head that take pieces of your self worth. Next, think of the ways in which those stores are challenged, by focusing on the people, the experiences you know in your heart to be the real, you. When you are ready, hold that deeply in your heart as you allow yourself to "wake up" in a cold water rinse. The cold water will be jolting at first, but this is intended literally move things through the body. Switch back to warm water, feeling the hug of your own self love. 

Last, "seal the deal" with a sweet self loving massage with our Vernal Oil. Take time to really tend to the parts where you experience tension the most, emotionally and physically. Take a few moments at the end of your ritual to intuitively stretch and nurture yourself.

Collection contains:

2oz Vernal Oil// Double extracted evergreen infusion of Cedar, Fir, and Spruce into Jojoba Oil with Geranium, Blood Orange and Rosemary CO2

2.3 oz Vernal Honey// Lilac infused raw vermont honey, pearlescent mica powder

9oz Vernal Salt// Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Blood Orange, Geranium, and Frankincense