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Vernal Honey- Seasonal Honey Bath

Vernal Honey- Seasonal Honey Bath


2.3 oz glass jar

Capturing the delicate floral scent of lilacs in this decadent honey bath- soak in this slow infused lilac honey with a touch of pearlescent mica powder. Honey is a natural humectant, so this bath helps to soften the skin with notes of honey and flowers. 

Since there are no essential oils added, this honey can be used to soften the skin as a botanical face mask. 

To use: Place the jar under warm running water, allowing the honey to infuse as you get your ritual bath ready. Alternatively, just as the tub is almost full, you can massage the honey all over your body and sink into the tub. 

2.3 oz glass jar

Ingredients: Lilacs, raw vermont honey, pearl mica powder

Pairs perfectly with our Tree Song Flower Moon Mist, and an herbal oil massage after with our Vernal Body Oil.