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Tree Song Flower Moon Mist - Seasonal Toner

Tree Song Flower Moon Mist - Seasonal Toner


2 oz glass bottle

The resilience of the Birch tree spirit was hand distilled and intuitively paired with a lilac flower essence created on the full flower moon. The flower essence of lilac conjures joy + laughter despite the adverse conditions. Lavender and Rose balance out the invigorating energy of the birch softly. 

As a face toner, this mist is calming, and anti-inflammatory for congested skin types. 

Energetically spray this mist whenever you need to call on the spirit of these plants. The subtle touch of pearlescent mica, gives the skin the softest sparkle underneath the light. 


2oz glass spray bottle with fine mist sprayer

To use: Spray onto clean skin and apply serum over top.

Ingredients: Vermont Black Birch Hydrosol, Lavender Hydrosol, Rose Hydrosol,

Lilac flower essence preserved with Bar Hill Gin, Pearl Mica