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Ocean Tendrils Salt Spray

Ocean Tendrils Salt Spray


The sun won't set on getting gorgeous summer waves with this salt spray. A euphoric, floral blend of bee balm, rose lavender, and jasmine bring deep floral notes of high summer. Inspired many many moons ago, with a vision of walking down the beach barefoot, with flowers falling from my wavy tendrils onto the sand behind me. Underneath it all, are subtle peppery notes, and earthy frankincense to ground this blend. Energetically infused with protective salt + rose flower essence to keep your head up, rooted in your self worth, love and belonging.

2oz frosted glass mister

To use: Close your eyes, make a wish, and shake before spraying. Mist onto damp hair, or just before styling. Spraying onto damp hair before bed, makes way for silky waves come dawn. 

Ingredients: All Organic: Distilled Water, Bee Balm Hydrosol, Rose Hydrosol, Lavender Hydrosol, Dead Sea Salt, Argan Oil, Rose flower essence, Jasmine, Frankincense, Rose, Black Pepper.