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Fortitude Ritual Aroma

Fortitude Ritual Aroma


A golden jojoba oil, slow infused with Spruce Resin, Oak Moss, Usnea, and Dragons Blood Resins for a full moon cycle. Dragons blood is traditionally used on the wrists to conjure a shield of protection, and strength. This aroma is blended with the resilient tree spirits of Balsam Fir, Spruce, earthy moss and Frankincense  to help you keep your feet on the ground. A soft floral note of Geranium, rounds out this blend soothing the heart and lifting the spirit into grace. 

10ml glass aroma roller

Suggested use:  Roll onto the skin, especially the wrists liberally, as you massage the oil in, take a moment to inhale the scent. Close your eyes, and take a moment to ground into who you are, fully in your power, able to overcome whatever obstacles arise, with conviction, courage, and grace.