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ENCHANTMINT Lemon Balm + Mint Hydrosol

ENCHANTMINT Lemon Balm + Mint Hydrosol


Garden grown mint and lemon balm, distilled fresh from the gardens and blended with Rosey hydrosol. This is a cooling, balancing and refreshing blend that supports the reduction of redness, irritation and decongestion.

To use, mist onto clean skin before applying your facial serum and oil, after a day in the sun, or whenever your spirit needs a cooling whisper of sweetness.

Hydrosols can be blended into honey or clay masks or used as a make up setting spray.

Ingredients: Garden grown and in house distilled hydrosols of Lemon Balm and Mint, blended with organic Rose hydrosol.

2 oz frosted glass bottle with mister

Keep in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight for optimal freshness.