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Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon



Picture smiling up at the moon - while a refreshing mist of grapefruit + rose envelops your skin in a loving embrace

Hydrosols are gentle + much less concentrated than essential oils. These beautiful floral/plant waters are meant to bring a refreshing boost of comfort + hydration to any skin. Grapefruit naturally contains vitamin C and salicylic acid offering your skin a healthy dose of antioxidants + antibacterial properties. Combating environmental aggressors, + surface bacteria resulting in firmer, clearer skin. Grapefruit is incredibly refreshing + evokes feelings of happiness, you can’t help but smile when giving yourself a spritz. Roses are wonderful for aiding in hydration, soothing, cooling, + healing the skins barrier.

Rose Flower Essence -uplifting, nourishing,+ healing for the emotional heart, mind, + spirit. Creates a light-heartedness helping you to live in the moment, + less in your head.. Helps your skin to feel calm + less heated.

2 oz

In house distilled hydrosols of Pink Grapefruit, Rose, Rose Flower Essence

All Organic Ingredients. Hand Distilled