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Vernal Oil - Seasonal Body Oil

Vernal Oil - Seasonal Body Oil


2oz frosted glass bottle

A double extraction of evergreens into organically sourced jojoba oil create a lush, green color. Balsam Fir, Spruce, and Cedar marry together to embrace your body as we enter into the season of many woods walks, barefoot on the trail, held in the rooting embrace of the trees. This oil is lightly scented with notes of fresh geranium and citrus to help us softly emerge into the most vibrant season of the year. 

This oil is multipurpose and can be used as an oil cleanser in the morning as well as a luscious scalp and hair treatment. 

To use: As a body oil, apply a few dropperfuls after the bath or the shower, taking time to massage into slightly damp skin. Focus attention on your heart center and lymph to increase circulation. 

As a hair/scalp treatment, take one full dropperful, and massage into clean hands. Start at the ends, working your way up to the roots, taking a moment to massage the oil into your scalp. After, hop in the shower or bath continuing to massage into your hair. You can shampoo after and skip your conditioner. Alternatively, use just a dime size amount into the ends of your hair and comb through. 

As an oil cleanser, take one dropper full and massage into wet skin. Work the oil in gentle circular motions on your face, neck and decollete. Remove with a steamy hot wash cloth. Alternatively, while in the shower, place your face underneath the water and continue to work the oil in circular motions until it is 'washed' off. Follow up out of the shower with your regular serum. *This is only used as a cleanser versus a leave on serum due to citrus oils containing photosensitive properties which cause sensitivity when stepping into the summer sun

2oz frosted glass bottle

Ingredients: Cedar, Balsam Fir, Spruce, Jojoba Oil, Geranium, Blood Orange, and Rosemary CO2 for preservation