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Morning Mist Awakening Serum Spring/Summer Edition*

Morning Mist Awakening Serum Spring/Summer Edition*



A soft, awakening serum and oil cleanser infused with flowers of rose and linden, rounded out with soft notes of marshmallow earl grey and licorice root. This serum evokes those quiet, cool, misty mornings where dew drops sparkle like diamonds in the garden. A whole plant infusion into rich, nourishing oils of plum and cranberry. Earl Grey brings a calming presence to sun kissed skin. Awaken the skin + spirit.


Ingredients: Licorice root, Rose, Linden, Marshmallow, Earl Grey, Jojoba, Plum Kernal, Cranberry Seed, , Rosemary CO2 for preservation

Available in 1oz and 2oz frosted bottles