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Truth Face Steam

Truth Face Steam


9.0 oz Glass Jar
Refill Compostable Zip Pouch

For All Skin Types To Speak Your Truth

Find your truth and expression with our Truth Facial Steam. Throat and respiratory opening Lavender, LemonBalm, Blue Cornflower, and Holy Basil help to create space in the Throat Chakra while soothing, and restoring the skin. Steam warms and opens spaces that need healing. 

All Organic Ingredients

Lavender, Holy Basil, LemonBalm, Blue Cornflower

Suggested Ritual

Place one tablespoon of Truth Facial Steam in large bowl. Place 8 oz of boiling water over top herbal material. Cover head with a towel as you place your face over the beautiful smelling steam. Breathe mindfully, and relax for 5-20 minutes. Pairs nicely with our Clarity Face Mask/Cleanser and Azul Face Serum.