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Eyes of the Soul Wise Line Serum

Eyes of the Soul Wise Line Serum


This seasons rendition of Eyes of the Soul is blended with the abundance of our growing summer garden. An infusion of Hyssop, Calendula, Blue Cornflowers, Rose, Marshmallow will conjure days in the garden during our colder months. The addition of raspberry seed support repairing the skin, giving it the silkiest, softest touch! 


Ingredients: All Organic// Garden grown// Jojoba Oil, Hyssop, Blue Cornflower,  Calendula, Rose, Marshmallow, Raspberry CO2, Rosemary CO2

Suggested use: A nourishing serum to adorn your wisest parts from the heart up. As a cleanser gently massage a full dropper in circular motions upwards and remove with a warm washcloth. As a serum apply 4 drops to a full dropper over top of a hydrosol or while the skin is still dewy from the shower.